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My New Group - Going Back To Our Roots aka CraneSong

As I promised, I want to talk about what it means to be a Senior Priestess in a major organization, to go through four years of dedicated daily work, prayers and offerings, meditations and trancework, constant reading and research, and most of all - always searching for ways to raise my level of service to that of "excellence." For myself, it means developing a very personal vision of how you can serve the greatest number in the community.

The Fellowship I belong to has inspired me in many ways, but in exploring some of those ways, I've discovered a limitation. Not everyone who has an interest in what it offers, is comfortable with being called a "Druid." In ancestral times, the Druids were the leaders and clergy of the Celts. Our Fellowship recognizes the Greek culture, so we have Greek Druids. My personal difficulty is with Norse Druids. The Norse and the Celts weren't exactly friends in the beginning. In fact, the Norse would be the equivalent of the Celtic "outsiders" which is another element in our ritual. This provides another limitation. Being myself of both Celtic and Norse heritage, does that make me half an outsider?

I have decided I can no longer do Norse rites under a Druid title because that is mixing worlds and blurring lines too much for me. It's my choice and not the opinion of the organization I proudly belong to. Perhaps in time my mind will change but for now I am limiting my presentations to cultures which had direct contact with Druids; Celts, Gauls, Romans and Greeks to some degree, and because they are still part of my discovery process - the Vedics. I have no experience whatsoever with Slavic rites but I would love to learn.

Anyone whoever attended FPG at Ocala can attest to hearing the call of the Cranes as they arrive into camp at the break of dawn. Their shrieking cries that split the air, awakening anyone not hung over, and alerting anyone on the ground to move out of their way. Their terrific wing span brushing the trees as they glided in and settled down, calling all the while to their partner, and then later to their children to catch up and join the party. This wondrous heralding cry is part of the inspiration of my new group, the other inspiration I take from the grove I will forever claim membership to; Three Cranes Grove of Columbus, Ohio.

Three Cranes Grove has shaped me into a much better leader and priestess.

My new group will be based on the work of the ancestral Druids but no one is required to be a Druid or join my Alma Mater to belong to it. I will happily support those that do. There will already be a leader - a Senior Druid - myself. If Wiccans, Neopagans, witches and whatever wish to come honor the gods with he rest, everyone is welcome. There will be a set of bylaws to help with conflict resolution and set procedures. I will invite anyone to lead the High Day celebrations and I plan to offer full moon or sixth night of the moon celebrations. These will be held in two different geographical areas to serve the greatest number of people.

Any festival rites will have an ADF format. All others shall be ADF-like and open to discussion. I encourage lots of discussion. I hope the next time I describe this group I can call it "OUR" group not just my group. The cultures I mentioned above but I am leaning toward Scottish and Gaulish.

Thank you for listening.

May Peace and Blessings be yours!
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