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The Failure of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

To anyone who has heard these terms used, they can be very misleading. I am not Wiccan and never have considered myself so, but these terms come from their religion. It seems to me that no one interprets these terms in the same manner.

At first glance, the idea of "perfect love" sounds so very appealing. It could be the love of life, each other, and the practices and beliefs of each other. How often does it fail one of these topics. How often do we see Pagans putting down Christian beliefs? How often do we see covens and groups trying to outdo each other? Being a Heathen, I have witnessed Wicca-hate firsthand, but then many Heathens I've seen don't like to be considered "Pagan" either. Where is the perfect love for each other's beliefs? Some people have it, but sadly it's a minority.

So if we don't have perfect love for each others religion, then how can we have perfect love for each other? As someone who has been around the Pagan community for over a couple decades, I see discrimination against certain individuals, issues with cliques leaving good Pagan folks isolated and frustrated, and a lack of acceptance for each other's individuality. Many of us dream of being accepted and loved for who we are, and what we are, and we forget that not everyone believes the same way - in a ultimate form of perfect love.

So if we are not "loved" and accepted for who and what we are, and our beliefs are not accepted, then how is one person to experience a Perfect Love of life? Loving life is also interpreted differently. We convince ourselves that a perfect love of life means accepting the bad with the good, the challenges, the journey, and the rewards both great and small along the way. If we can not accept each other, then do we really have a perfect love of life?

Perfect Love is a failed idea promoted by those who dearly wish to experience it. They are the ones on the fringe, standing by themselves at meet-n-greets, wanting to volunteer but fearing rejection, they become solitaries reluctantly as their voice is not welcome. Their view of perfect love becomes another reason to feel excluded.

If there is no perfect love, can there be perfect trust? Trust requires acceptance, respect, understanding, and willingness to see the greater picture, the sacredness inherent in each other because it is that shared sacredness and love of something greater that makes us equal. Whoa! There's that word "love" again.

It is my opinion that Perfect Love can not exist without some form of Perfect Trust, and vice versa. It is this author's dream and determination that we all, with no exceptions, experience true acceptance despite differences. It is my goal to see people working on a common interpretation of this concept, despite our different practices and path definitions. Without some form of love and trust from others, this world becomes a lonely place, where we feel alone in our beliefs.

Imagine if we accepted each other the way they come to us, accept their differences, and see what is truly in each other's heart. Imagine then, a world of Perfect Love.

Blessings of Peace to Everyone!

a Priestess of the Golden Love Goddess
Tags: acceptance, community building, perfect love, trust
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