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The Rhythm of a Cranesong

To those of you who have heard a Crane's song, remember it now. It is the raspy rapping that breaks the silence at dawn; it is the distinct heraldic voice splitting the sky crying out to the three realms; it is the unmistakable, unquestionable announcement of new beginnings and magical happenings. The call, once heard, sits in your memory returning you to the Wild, to Nature and the Earth Mother's magical offspring.

The Gauls expressed their crane devotion in the sculpture "Pillar of the Boatmen" in Parisii. Three cranes appear on the back of the bull-personified deity, Tarvos or Taranus. As the bull makes its way into the forest, Esus clears the path by felling a tree; cranes no doubt heralding the God's arrival, and all under the tribal protection watch of Teutates.

The Greeks have crane devotion mirrored in a dance called the "geranos" ritual crane dance, where motions of the cranes in their open-winged, choreographed mating call. I have seen this dance once and it is truly magnificent. With feet grounded, wings spread wide, they lean in to the intended mate then back away, displaying their pride with a chest to the sky. They seem to say, "my heart is your's if you wish it, hear me, and be mine."

There is a new group being formed reflecting this noble birds cry, an awakening of magic in nature, music, devotion and fellowship. This group is Cranesong.

This new group will be based on druidic teachings and mythological knowledge, and history. The primary deities acknowledged will come from the Gauls and from Scotland. Alba is theorized to be an early migration spot for the Gauls, before the Celts would land at Eire, "Ireland" as we know it. We will work with the oldest Gods, who were Gods of Gods: Lyr, Mannanan, Brighid, Anu, Bel, and numerous Gaulish deities.

Rituals shall be held at least twice a month, celebrating the High Days of the Wheel, and the magical mysteries of the Full Moon. Moon rites shall be ADF-like yet incorporate inspiration from OBOD teaching, AODA teaching and magical grimoire knowledge. These shall be the esotera to balance the more public rites at High Days which will feature the ADF Core Order of Ritual. There will be policies to govern this organization, and people chosen to balance out leadership by fulfilling Officer roles within it. Everyone will have a voice at regular business meetings.

Two geographic areas will be utilized for these rites. One in Winter Haven and one centrally-close to Tampa. If the group decides together to become affiliated with ADF, then all will join at that location, and study programs will be presented to encourage learning the ADF cosmology and philosophy.

As this community is comprised of many smaller and larger communities, we will recognize outside interests. No one shall be required to belong to ADF to be a member, and all open-minded spiritually-aware people are welcome. Other group involvement shall not only be welcome but encouraged. Those who join ADF will however, by nature of membership, receive more fringe benefits via the organization. Otherwise, we all shall be one, as I recognize each person has unique knowledge and talent they can share, and many may be capable of leading a great ritual. No one member shall be greater than the sum of all, as long as there is harm to none. We will gather in trust and love for each other and most especially in love of the Earth Mother.

Our first ritual will be Mabon, and the September Full moon. Until then I will be spreading the word. Please spread the word amongst yourselves: The Cranes are calling! A new earth-honoring group is coming! The Earth Mother sends her love!

Blessings of Peace to you!

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