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Music in Your Soul Can Be Heard by the Universe

Let your soul sing and the world shall echo your message

I have had some time to think about my next addition to my journal, and upon returning from a recent hospital stay, I found my muse in a bumper sticker I had left out during unpacking. When we sing from the soul, regardless of ability, it does two things and I'm sure it does more for others. For me it releases my inner most feelings, pride, joy, sadness, fear and "grace" out into the world. (More on grace later). What I send out is a vibrational energy that touches upon my crystals charging them, my shrine to cleanse it, my Kindreds to offer to them, and sometimes, just sometimes, to human ears which might be touched by my message.

The second thing I send out is magic. Musical Magic is the energy which influences positvely/negatively carrying a spell, galdr, healing, binding or reversal, and connective energy which links one or more items/people.

[Divine Grace, while being a Christian concept, may just as easily describe the personal religious experience when one is touched supernaturally, awareness is heightened suddenly, and a voice from deep in the soul speaks words you've never before felt so deeply]

When you open a gateway and connect with a Deity, or draw the Goddess/God down into you, their archetype affects the delivery and potency of musical magic. The more intimately you know whom you are connecting to, the more powerful your musical message.

Some people know of my "musical" accomplishments and I'd rather not open myself up to comparison. Each person's achievements are great and unique, and since situations are never equal in all respects; achievements should never be compared to those of others. You set goals, and if you reach them too easily then raise the bar for yourself.

I am raising my bar for my personal musical magic. In the next few months, I want to be putting together a group of musically- and vocally- inclined people to do chants, songs, and original material. I hope to have people with various belief systems, open minds, courage, and a willingness to grow a project I like to call for now: Voices of Faith. The material will focus on things we have in common, and not focus on Wicca, Druidry, Heathenism or any others. There are enough beautiful songs that connect the Goddess to a devotee, and I want to connect devotees to devotees. We may expand on that if enough good people commit. You will see "want ads" for volunteers on social media, and I hope people with original ideas and original work also get involved. This may become a "band" or "chorus" but ideally it will first be a fun, regularly-scheduled bardic get-together. From there, anything is possible when you have the universe listening in.

Blessings of Peace to You!

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